Booking Procedures for Reservations, Deposits, Late Fees, Final Payment and Cancelled Reservations.

You must complete a registration form for all new trip reservation and submit your first deposit to secure your reservation. Please note that a completed registration form alone does not secure your booking. Monthly payments are only required, if specified in the trip description. You are only required to make a deposit to secure your reservation and pay off your balance on or before the final payment date listed in the trip description. Any remaining balance due after the final payment date will incur a $50 late fee that must be paid within 24 hours, along with the remaining balance to prevent your reservation from being cancelled. If your reservation has been cancelled due to non-payment we cannot guarantee you reinstatement at the same cost listed originally listed for the trip. All payments to CurlFriends Abroad are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is the responsibility of each traveler sharing a room with a guest they selected is also up to date with their payments. In the event, a roommate cancels; it is the responsibility of the person traveling to find another roommate. As a courtesy, CurlFriends Abroad will send out one notification to the travel club that a roommate is needed. Any responses to CurlFriends Abroad roommate inquiry will be forwarded to you for an approval. If a roommate is not found, it is the responsibility of the traveler to upgrade and pay any additional fees for an upgraded room, if one is available. CurlFriends Abroad is not responsible for any lost funds due to roommate cancellation, as all payments are non-refundable. Travelers Insurance is highly recommended and may be included with some of our travel packages. While travelers insurance is recommended, it is not a requirement to book a trip with CurlFriends Abroad, unless it is already included in your travel package. Travelers are not able to opt out of travelers insurance that is included in a travel package.

Method of Payments
CurlFriends Abroad offers several methods of payments; PayPal and Bank to Bank Transfers (ie. QuickPay, WFSure Pay) can be sent to email address info@curlfriendsabroad.com . Check payments payable to CurlFriends Abroad, mailing address 3001 S. Hardin Blvd, 110-337, McKinney TX 75070.

Conditions of Booking
Travelers are responsible obtaining or renewing their passports. It’s the travelers’ responsibility to make sure their passports is valid at least six months after the conclusion of your trip before paying a deposit or any subsequent payments when booking a trip with CurlFriends Abroad. Travelers are responsible to obtaining any required Visas for countries that may require a Visa for entry.

CurlFriends Abroad is not responsible for time changes made the airlines, bus conductor and railways. Flight time, seat assignments are solely at the  discretion of the airlines. Hotel room location is also the sole discretion of the hotel. Requests can be made but are not guaranteed. Baggage fees of the airlines are not included in our package prices. If you decide to check baggage you must pay this fee directly to the airline. The carriers, accommodations and other suppliers providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees of CurlFriends Abroad.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is only applicable within the United States and facilities for disabled individuals are limited outside its borders. Most transportation services, including the touring motor coach, are not equipped with wheelchair ramps.

We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a vacation participant for walking, dining, getting on and off motor coaches and other vehicles, or other personal needs. A qualified and physically able companion must accompany travelers who need such assistance and must assume full responsibility for their well-­‐being. The traveler assumes the full risk of use and of  any prohibitions imposed by vendors. Generally motorized scooters are not suitable on international tours. Smoking is prohibited on transportation that is exclusively used by CurlFriends Abroad.

CurlFriends Abroad   assumes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any personal injury during the trip, personal injury on an excursion, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity by reason of (1) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of its suppliers, (2) any wrongful, negligent, or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any employee of these suppliers, (3) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment or instrumentality owned, operated, or used by any of these suppliers, or (4) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under the control, direct or otherwise, of CurlFriends Abroad, or (5) acts of God.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notification.